Everybody loves a quickie

This’ll be a quick one, because my jobs are getting busier.

I read on About.com that some places are banning people from wearing political hats/shirts/shoes/etc to the polls. This surprised me, not because I think it’s unreasonable, but because I thought every state had that rule. Apparently, my state doesn’t have an explicit law against campaign outerwear! But I bet that if someone showed up wearing an Obama shirt, some people would try to tell them they can’t do that (I live in Georgia).

The author posted a poll: “Do you think campaign buttons and t-shirts should be allowed in polling places?”

Not sure.

I voted no.

What surprised me was that so many people think that these things should be allowed. I always thought that nobody allowed that type of thing, so I never really thought about it.
I know that most people aren’t going to change their minds because they walk into a school and see that they’re surrounded by “McCain” when they want to vote “Obama.”
Then again, if I walked into a school and saw a bunch of people wearing campaign buttons or whatnot, I would get mildly paranoid. Are they staring at me, are they not, is anyone going to ask for whom I’m voting, should I lie? That sort of thing.

You can’t campaign within 100 feet of a polling area. Makes sense to me (see above). So why do you want to wear a campaigning shirt? I mean, if they don’t allow a sign saying, “VOTE McCAIN” then they shouldn’t allow people to wear a shirt that says the same thing.

Frankly, I see no reason to wear clothing that advertises for whom you’re voting on the day of the election. If I saw someone do that, I’d probably think, “Oookay, crazy fanatic. Stay away from me.”

If anyone out there is actually reading this, and has a different opinion, I would love to hear from you.

Oh, here’s the original article: http://urbanlegends.about.com/b/2008/09/24/what-not-to-wear-when-you-vote.htm

(The hilarious thing was that the “urban legend” that spawned the article all has people warning not to wear Obama shirts.)

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  1. Some people vote just because of race and sex, some vote because they just want to. I think if someone wants to wear a shirt promoting their candidate, why not, as long as they don’t go bothering people about who they are voting for, then i say go ahead and let them wear what they please, it might even change minds, cause i think some minds do need changing.

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