Don’t name your pets with people names, don’t name your kids with pet names, and we’ll all be okay.

Some people are so desperate about getting voter registration up that they even sent registration material to an Illinois goldfish.

A dead Illinois goldfish.

Okay, so it may not have been on purpose. The goldfish’s name was Princess. The paperwork probably came form the “Women’s Voices, Women Vote” project, because they evidence sent nearly 1 million mailings to Illinois households in August with a list that included some pets.
The reason for this confusion is understandable: some of the pets had names such as Polly or…Princess.
I actually know a girl named Princess. Not well, but she does exist. So it’s easy to see how the volunteers of the projects might become confused.

Actually, what I want to know is where they got this list from in the first place. In this case, the family of the goldfish had once provided the goldfish’s name on a form when they got a second phone line (as a joke?). But is there someone out there with a list of my past & present pets – Zipper, Boots, Molly, William, Furball? Will Molly and William ever be mailed voter registration materials? I hope so.

So, what have we learned? If you have a pet, give it a pet’s name. Zipper is a great name for a pet. Boots, too. Furball was an evil vicious cat, but clearly he was a cat.
Molly the cat and William the dog? Not so much.
Princess is a pet’s name, in my opinion, so that should be on the restricted list.

And all the world’s problems will be solved.

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  1. Rufus and Ralphie have something to say about this.

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