Toys for Tots. Blind Tots.

Watching TV the other day and this is what I saw:

It’s Elmo’s Restaurant! Serve your friends & family some deliciously tasty treats, like hamburgers…and milk…probably no cookies, but okay. It’s like a poor man’s Diner Dash. Or I guess a young kid’s Diner Dash, but as far as I’m aware, that’s not a widely accepted phrase.

On Dr. Toy’s top 100 list, there’s this adorable game, which is a toy after my own heart.

Because I love crime books, crime games, etc.

There’s the very cool Create Your Own Books idea, which would have occupied me for hours at a time when I was a child.
Okay, it still would.

Can’t help but notice, though, when I’m watching TV, that there’s a distinct lack of toys targeted specifically for blind children.

Like this:

Clearly not made for a blind child.

No, in order to find some suitable toys for these kids, you have to search on-line, and then what you come up with is a bunch of “sensory” nonsense, which is pretty much stuff like a $20 “game” where you give a kid 20 different types of textiles and have them discern what kind they are.
Although I think that may be important, you could probably skip spending the $20 and give your child a tour around your house.

Dig slightly deeper, however, and you’ll find the Braille Bookstore, which has everything from playing cards to Connect Four to footballs (with bells inside). They also recommend Silly Putty (who doesn’t?), wooden puzzles, and textured bath toys that also make NOISE.

What I really don’t understand, however, is the complete lack of marketing towards parents of blind children. Do we expect them to
A) Not have the time to watch TV,
B) Not want to give their children fun toys,
C) Not have any money, or
D) Get up & do the research themselves

Hey, maybe it’s none of the above. Who knows?

So what have we learned today?

  • Silly Putty rocks
  • Jen doesn’t want to grow up & spends too much time thinking about the kinds of toys she would get now if she could
  • Parents of blind kids – and the blind kids themselves – are getting gypped


On another note, here’s an “Advertising FAIL” for your viewing pleasure:

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  1. good toy thank you

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