History in the Making

I have never before seen an inauguration, nor have I ever had any wish to. Politics, until this past year, simply failed to capture my interest. I knew I didn’t like Al Gore, but I didn’t know why; I knew that I did like Bill Clinton, but I didn’t know why.

I didn’t vote for Obama – excuse me, President Obama -, and looking back, I still would not have: I do not entirely trust the man. Part of it was reading about Obama snubbing Hilary – an issue that is still in debate (intentional or not?). It made me afraid that he had a bit of a temper. And Googling this issue did little to ease my mind (although, really, can I trust Google?).
Then there are the people with whom he has kept company. That isn’t a huge problem to me. Some people can befriend troublesome or controversial figures without actually being trouble themselves. Some people can’t. I don’t know what type of man President Obama is.
And finally – and this may be a little unfair – I don’t trust Chicago. Chicago has always had a hand in dirty politics, and it seems incredible to think that this man who was completely immersed in the dirty world of Chicago politics would be able to make a clean exit. Of course, this remains to be seen, and we must accept that all politicians are almost certainly somewhat crooked.

In spite of my trepidations, I was pleased for President Obama today. I clapped for him, I cheered for him, and I listened to him until I had to leave for class (I was tempted to skip class, but it’s the second week, so no). I thought it was adorable that he stumbled over his oath, because I think that shows he is not just a leader of this great country, but that he is also human.
I imagine his wife is just as proud as he is. Perhaps prouder.

I know some people who refused to watch the inauguration, which I can hardly imagine. In spite of one’s feelings towards President Obama, today was truly history in the making, a day for America and Americans to be proud of, to remember, to celebrate.

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