Worst Job: 911 Operator

Sometimes I read stories that depress me. I can handle reading about murder, torture, suicides, and whatnot. It’s sad, but it’s life, and I’m used to it. But what I cannot handle is the blatant stupidity of people. It doesn’t take much to find stories of people doing atrociously dumb things, apparently without even realizing how idiotic they’re being.


Take, for instance, the people who call 911 (you know, the emergency line) for non-emergency calls.

One man called 911 because the Burger King he was at didn’t have any lemonade. Very sad. He’s 66 and located in – where else? – Florida.
Not many sordid details to that, just open & shut idiocy.

Police report from the epic Burger King/lemonade incident

But it’s not just the Average Joe who makes stupid 911 calls. No, some big-time Joe’s do the same thing. Take Joe McCain, for instance. Joe McCain is ALSO 66 years old, which I think is more than an amazing coincidence. He’s also, in my opinion, a bit of a jerk. There’s always one…
Anyway, Joe McCain called 911 over a traffic issue. Was there an accident that he was kindly reporting? Or a car going the wrong way in a one-way lane? Maybe a dangerous driver was weaving all over the road?
No, of course not. If that were the case, he wouldn’t be on this blog post, obviously.
Joe called 911 because he was unhappy that “one side at the damn drawbridge of 95 traffic is stopped for 15 minutes and yet traffic’s coming the other way across the drawbridge.”
The 911 operator responded credulity, “Sir, are you calling 911 to complain about traffic?”
Joe McCain realized his error and promptly apologized.
Or, he said some sort of expletive and hung up on the guy. One of those.

The operator called him back and was probably very much surprised when the call went to the voice mail of Joe McCain. But he still manages to act in a professional manner, leaving a message for Joe, explaining that 911 is not his own personal soapbox to complain about traffic. Joe calls him back and, apparently not realizing that he’s speaking with the same operator, actually tries to complain. So, naturally, the guys chews him out AGAIN.
Eventually Joe apologized, of course, seeing as how his brother was actively trying to get elected, and stupid family members don’t tend to help with that. The annoying thing is that, unlike Jean, I don’t believe Joe was ever charged with anything.
Here’s the video on blessed YouTube.

There are many, many more stupid 911 calls, but I don’t have the time, energy, or space to blog about them. And you don’t have the commitment to read about all of them. So instead, watch this amusing video.

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  2. Thats really… wow..
    This post reminds me of the person who sued McDonalds over the hot coffee..

    or the lady who sued some microwave manufacturer for the death of her cat, which she put in the microwave?

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